Marcus Augustine

Marcus Augustine

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I studied computer science at the University of Augsburg and Technical University Munich (TUM) and graduated 2012 with a Master’s degree. The focus of my studies was on Software-Engineering and Robotics & Artificial Intelligence. My thesis was a joint collaboration with DLR (German Aerospace Center, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) and TUM about the „Design of  Biologically Inspired Topological Maps for Robot Navigation“. During my studies I collected quite some field experience in projects working as a corporate student in companies including Porsche, BMW and OSRAM.

After successfully finishing my studies, now I pursue my PhD in robotics at the OvGU.

Marcus Augustine



Alatartsev, Sergey; Augustine, Marcus; Ortmeier, Frank

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Alatartsev, Sergey; Mersheeva, Vera; Augustine, Marcus; Ortmeier, Frank

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Augustine, Marcus; Mair, Elmar; Stelzer, Annett; Ortmeier, Frank; Burschka, Darius; Suppa, Michael

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