Vera Mersheeva

Vera Mersheeva
Room: G29, R311
Phone: +49 391 67 52701

Vera has obtained her Engineering Degree from the Chita State University in 2010. Her thesis focused on constructing a flow diagram for thermal power plants and calculating its parameters. In 2010-2015 Vera has worked on the route planning aspects of a multi-UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system as well as production scheduling for a semiconductor industry at the Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt. In 2015 she has defended her dissertation on „UAV Routing Problem for Area Monitoring in a Disaster Situation“ under supervision of Prof. Friedrich.

Since May 2015 Vera works in the CSE working group. Her research interests include:

  • route planning problems (coverage path planning, surveillance by UAVs, robotic patrolling task, task sequencing, vehicle routing problem and its extensions),
  • scheduling problems (job shop problem and its extensions, production scheduling),
  • heuristic solution methods (local search methods, constructive, meta- and hybrid heuristics),
  • constraint-based and answer-set programming.
Vera Mersheeva