EVOK: Echtzeit Vor-Ort-Aufklärung und Einsatzmonitoring

EVOK: Echtzeit Vor-Ort-Aufklärung und Einsatzmonitoring
Project Members: Prof. Dr. Frank Ortmeier
Project Time:: Projektzeitraum: 01.02.2019 - 31.01.2022
Funded By: Gefördert von: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Subproject: Konzeption eines echtzeitfähigen Vor-Ort-Aufklärungssystems

The goal of the EVOK project is to design a real-time clearing and operational monitoring system.

During the operation of special forces in hostage and similar situations, quick and professional action is essential. This is made more difficult, especially in buildings, by the fact that criminals are often familiar with the spatial environment. The most accurate and comprehensive situation information and presentation are, therefore, crucial.

In EVOK, a system for real-time situation representation is to be developed, which allows the creation of a 3D model of the environment during running missions. In addition, the current positions of the forces can be displayed in this 3D model. This is to be visualized tailored to the needs of each user group. In addition to algorithms, the corresponding hardware with suitable sensors will be developed and adapted in this project. The latter shall be compact such that they can be mounted both on autonomous reconnaissance systems and on the equipment of special forces.

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EVOK: Echtzeit Vor-Ort-Aufklärung und Einsatzmonitoring