(MA) Autonomic Assignment of Issues from Issue-Tracking-Systems to Developers

Betreuer: Sebastian Nielebock
Student: Pradeep Veera
Zeitraum: March 2017 - July 2017

Issue-Tracking-Systems help to structure the Software-development and maintenance. For example, users describe software errors, those occur during applying the software, as an issue.

Then the Issue-Tracking systems informs the developers about this new issue as a new ticket. To handle this ticket either the project manager assigns it to a proper developer or the developers pick up their tickets themselves.

Nevertheless, this assignment happens manually on subjective assessment, which takes time and can usually lead to false assignments (e.g. chosen developer is not the expert for this module). This master thesis aims to propose a technique to speed up this assignment-process by automating it and to effectively find a proper developer.

For doing this, the technique may use information and meta-information from the issue and the developers from the Issue-Tracking-System. Moreover, the validation of this technique should consider, whether it finds the same or better assignments than the manual way (e.g. in Open-Source-Projects).


(MA) Autonomic Assignment of Issues from Issue-Tracking-Systems to Developers