About the IMBSA 2014

After previous editions in Toulouse (2011), Bordeaux (2012), and Versailles (2013), the 4th International Symposium on Model Based Safety and Assessment will be organized in Munich, Germany. This forum aims at bringing together engineers, software specialists and researchers working on all aspects of model based safety assessment. The leading theme of IMBSA is to provide a forum, where brand new ideas from academia, leading edge technology and industrial experiences are brought together. The objectives are to present experiences and tools, to share ideas, and to federate the community. To foster academic and industrial collaboration, the program will be split in three main parts: an academic part presenting new research, a tools and tutorials part presenting leading edge development support and an industrial part reporting on experiences and challenges in industrial practice.

the IMBSA approach

IMBSA is looking back at a rich tradition of successfully combining research with a high number of industrial contributions. It shows that bridging the gap between basic research and industrial practice can be done effectively through interactive presentation tools and methods. To take this into account, the conference will - in contrast to solely scientific events - be split into three main parts:

This way, participants from the industry learn about new tools and techniques, while research groups and spin-off companies can present their achievements to an interested audience. Also industrial contributors can convince future customers of their tools in this mixed environment. We believe, that the mixture of conventional talks about newest achievements, presentation of practical experiences and interactive learning allows for fruitful discussions, exchange of information as well as future cooperation.

Chairs and Committees