The Saml language consists of several modeling features, like qualitative and quantitative elements, templates or failure components. They enables the engineer to easily models with systems with different apspects as well as for a wide range of analyzis. To evaluate the praticability of our language and VECS, we modeled several case studies. 

VECS contains several concepts like Components, Hierarchies, Formulas in its language. The following article gives an overview over each concept. Therefore this articles uses a description of the concept and a small code example.

Based on the idea and research of Matthias Güdemann, a tool-independent language for formal, model-based system-analysis was initiated. This language is named SAML (System Analysis Modeling Language). It is a well-specified language and transformation of SAML-Models into semantically equivalent models in the input-languages of popular model checkers (like PRISM and NuSMV) is mathematically proven correct.

Why and What? In this section we give an overview over motivation and the core features of VECS.

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Am Donnerstag, dem 08.09.2016 veranstaltete der Lehrstuhl für Software Engineering der Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Frank Ortmeier mit großem Erfolg den dritten Expertenworkshop zum Thema „Anwendung innovativer modellbasierter Sicherheitsanalysemethoden im Zulassungsprozess sicherheitskritischer Anwendungen“.

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